I Matter

God’s been having a long talk with me about a few things lately. He’s been working with me on my self-worth, something I’ve been struggling with since I was about six years old. The very first time I wanted to break free of my depression was this past May, where I learned that everything I […]

Holy Spirit

It’s amazing how God can use different people. He takes people that others wouldn’t expect and give them massive rolls to play. They could have a scarring past that could prevent them from moving on to a powerful future, but God can look at said past and say, “I can do something with that.” Tonight […]


We all have dreams for the future. Dreams that we strive to reach, dreams that we live for. It’s part of the human experience. God gave us these dreams so we’d be able to have hope and so we can impact the world around us and the people we meet, so we can inspire others […]

Worth It

This weekend has probably been the roughest I’ve had to endure in a while. Actually, scratch that–this whole MONTH has been rough. At the very beginning, I learned that a friend of mine had been consumed by her depression, and she took her own life as a result. The middle of last week, though, had […]

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

I’d like to start by formally introducing myself. I am a twenty-six-year-old cashier who strives to be a teacher one day. I teach Sunday School at a church I’ve been going to for two years now, and I also sub on the side during the school year on my days off from my day job. […]